Motivating The Self

I’m going in. I’m doing it. After a long custody battle between the generic life and the artist life, I’ve decided to let them both win.


For the past year or so, the generic life has been winning (go to school, work, get good grades, be presentable and act right).  Dear lord that sounds boring.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it. I’m a complete nerd and love using my brain. But I’m so much more.

With my choice to give my inner artist more time,  there comes commitment that must start now.

Welcome Abigail.

To start, I’m establishing a whole new social media account for her, of which, I’m not sharing here. Not yet, at least.

She’s weird, freaky, makes funny faces and might even make her booty pop here and there.

I’m beyond excited for this, to show the world the other amazing potential I have that I’ve kept hidden and suppressed for too long.

I’m an entertainer, a performer, and I’m damn good at it.

Out of season? Eh, yeah, but I still got it and a whole lot more.


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